Repaired [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Repaired:

He felt morally bound to get it repaired, though he was guiltless of the damage.

You can get it repaired, so that it will look almost as well as new.

Did away with one pack-saddle, and repaired the others with the wool.

Houses and offices were being altered or repaired or rebuilt.

We got it all out in a few days, when we went into a dry dock, and repaired.

In the fulness of time a milliner came in, and to her she repaired on her own behalf.

She was told of someone who might know, and to that person she repaired at her first leisure.

The fire was under control now and no damage had been done that could not be repaired.

Would that they had been given to me when I could have repaired my injustice!

In the ensuing silence he repaired to the buffet and drank a glass of vodka.