Reparations [noun]

Definition of Reparations:

compensation, amends

Opposite/Antonyms of Reparations:

Sentence/Example of Reparations:

What reparations, and subsidies, and contributions he is put to, besides his rent!

This year a subsidy was granted, for the reparations of London bridge.

Hence I may be permitted to mention the Commission on Reparations.

And between the remitting of a punishment, and the remitting of reparations of my loss.

She needs his work for reparations, for indemnities, for coal.

The Reparations Commission has only succeeded in proving its incompetence.

Linked up with it also is that deep and grave problem of reparations.

It was a mistake to compel Germany to sign a blank check in the matter of reparations.

We were born rich; we revel in the "reparations" that our fathers wrung from a conquered Nature.

Some recognition of this fact appears in the great powers to adjust terms which have been vested in the Reparations Committee.