Repast [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Repast:

Sometimes they slay their own wives, and invite their neighbours to the repast.

Will you not honour us so far as to sit down with us and share our repast?'

When the officers learned that I was a Russian, they invited me to share their repast.

They eventually settled on a restaurant and ordered their repast.

She lays the tray before her son and invites me to partake of the repast.

At the close of the repast, Mr Leach commissioned me to distribute 1lb.

Well then, proceed with your answers, and let me have the remainder of my repast.

Me it concerned little where I sat, since the repast was all that I could look for; not so the others.

Binet asked him once in the course of that repast and during a pause in the conversation.

A solid supper, just such a repast as these people could and did appreciate.