Repatriation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Repatriation:

The Government declined to make any arrangement for their repatriation.

They were also making arrangements for the repatriation of the Coolies.

They inform me that orders have been received approving your application for repatriation.

His repatriation to the Caucasus was now only a matter of days.

Here there will not be, as was the case with the Armenians, any work of repatriation to be done.

Is it to be wondered at that, after her repatriation, she often wilts and dies?

There he managed to send a large number of coolies in a special steamer to Goalundo and arranged for the repatriation of the rest.

A similar object is aimed at in the repatriation scheme which has been launched with such marked success by Mr. Rodgers, M.H.R.

The list of funds is to be increased shortly by the creation of a Repatriation Fund the details of which are now being worked out.

We heard that the Germans had refused safe-conduct to the repatriation ship, and it was true.