Repealing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Repealing:

Several attempts have been made to repeal it but unsuccessfully.

To repeal the act of 1887 limiting the inheritance of personal property.

It was in this tavern that the repeal of the Stamp Act was celebrated, 1767.

In my opinion, it was not the intention of the legislature to repeal it.

Repeal, do we also delight in—Three cheers for the "gem of the sea!"

The first measure brought forward was the repeal of Pole's attainder.

John Bright was the great orator of the movement for the repeal of those laws.

Repeal could come only from England, and to England Howe went.

The repeal of the Nauvoo charter, in January, 1845, unloosened their tongues.

The people were successful in electing men who favored the repeal of the law.