Repeated [adjective]

Definition of Repeated:

done again

Synonyms of Repeated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repeated:


Sentence/Example of Repeated:

He repeated that he knew not how far that charge might have been brought home.

She came up to me, and repeated all these passages with tears.

Allister, laughing joyously, turned to the other three and repeated the question to them.

Let me tell you that Dirk Colson would not have repeated that sentence for the world!

"I pay them the same as the other stores do," he repeated, sullenly.

Smithson repeated, evidently somewhat disturbed by the information.

"It's too absurd to think about," Gilder repeated, impatiently.

There was infinite pathos in the tones as she repeated the words so fraught with dreadfulness.

He repeated the words with a grimace of exasperation: "My name!"

Dick repeated his question, unobservant of its first effect.