Repeatedly [adverb]

Definition of Repeatedly:

over and over again

Synonyms of Repeatedly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repeatedly:

Sentence/Example of Repeatedly:

"Come, George, fill up your glass," said Ashton repeatedly; but George declined.

These words he repeatedly pronounced; and they were the last words which he uttered.

Repeatedly he requested the Admiralty that they would not leave him to rust in indolence.

The Austrian repeatedly asked, if there was not a risk of losing the squadron?

He tugged still harder, and repeatedly, until the whole tepee was in motion.

She rolled him off his legs so that he could not run, while she repeatedly ripped and slashed him with her fangs.

He has repeatedly demanded to see you, but you have always denied his request.

These circumstances were repeatedly urged in favour of the union.

She seemed to like me too, and repeatedly said she was glad I had come.

The girl lifted it up to her face, and gently and repeatedly rubbed her eyebrow.