Repeating [adjective]

Definition of Repeating:


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Sentence/Example of Repeating:

Aldonza had certainly not taught him the phrases he was so fond of repeating.

He was repeating like a frightened child, "For God's sake, Hal, don't die—don't die."

He hoped he might have the privilege of repeating his visit.

And this time, instead of repeating my words, she answered: "Oh no."

The person-- was one that I wouldn't have dreamt was capable of repeating it.

About two, the repeating ships announced that the enemy were at sea.

Repeating the words, "Fellows who are dodging about the water!"

Kirkwood poked his cane through the trap, repeating the address.

They never get tired of repeating to-morrow what they did yesterday.

However, he passed on, repeating that they must see everything first of all.