Repelling [noun]

Definition of Repelling:


Synonyms of Repelling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repelling:


Sentence/Example of Repelling:

"I am better alone," said Ellen, with a repelling motion of the hand.

Chet felt the lift of the Repelling Area as they shot through.

It was not that he was cold and distant, repelling familiarity and refusing sympathy.

Is not that a very cold and repelling answer to the good vicar's letter?

But, in this case, what had been his reason for repelling her at first and making her suffer so long?

In spite of his cold and repelling manner, Arthur, too, took greatly to him.

The repelling reception was altogether unexpected, and placed me in a predicament.

Her face darkened and she lifted her hand in a quick, repelling gesture.

You'll never improve a man by repelling him, especially a boy.

There seemed to Mordaunt to be a sort of repelling influence about the man.