Repentance [noun]

Definition of Repentance:

feeling bad for past action

Synonyms of Repentance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repentance:

Sentence/Example of Repentance:

They carried megaphones and signs about repentance and damnation, but once the restaurant’s staff blasted Gaga’s “Born This Way” on the patio speakers the crowd began to disperse.

Only much later, after Anne Sullivan had taught to her to sign using English, had Keller “realized what I had done, and for the first time I felt repentance and sorrow.”

By 2018, he was eager to demonstrate his repentance, while Daines, two years away from his own reelection bid, was eager to help him.

From mere regrets he was passing now, through dismay, into utter repentance of his promise.

Henoch pleased God, and was translated into paradise, that he may give repentance to the nations.

And remorse without one grain of honest repentance pierced his heart.

I had not prayed openly before, now when I was nearing death it was no time for a hurried repentance and a stammered prayer.

His grandfather had repented, but who was to preach repentance unto these?

How it puts one to shame to hear such repentance with such a confession!'

This touching repentance wrung her heart, so that she always ended by granting him more than he had asked for.