Repercussion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Repercussion:

Yet was it not inevitable that the stroke which laid him low must wound her on its repercussion?

The repercussion was at once felt even in our remote corner of the earth.

But there are ways with hand or handkerchief of breaking the repercussion.

Even as far north as Greenland the repercussion may be felt.

In agony they lay in silence and counted time by the repercussion of pain until the welcome dawn came with its new supply of hope.

I have only known existence by the pressure of the heavy hand of sickness, and counted time by the repercussion of pain.

Is not sound a condition of the air under compression, dilatation, and repercussion?

The halting words of Cyprien rang in his ears, like the repercussion of an endless echo.

She felt the repercussion of it in all her nerves, although her sound common-sense condemned the sensation as unreal.

The repercussion of the battle of Ypres was immediately felt in Canada.