Repercussions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Repercussions:

Had I answered in the affirmative there might have been repercussions, perhaps a sequel to Proycon.

The "repercussions" of the Jameson Raid were not overlooked.

If there were to be repercussions, they might as well be faced right now.

This contemplated division of Cameron had repercussions in the relations between that parish and its mother parish Truro.

Sociologists and agriculturalists have found these repercussions puzzling and have not discovered clear-cut reasons for them.

Baker thought of the repercussions that would occur in his own office, let alone outside it, if he ever approved such a grant.

The repercussions of the divorce debates were soon drowned out by the noise and excitement of the presidential campaign of 1860.

And he soliloquized aloud and listened to the repercussions of his voice making the bronze vibrate.

It was just at the time of the terrible earthquake at Avezzano, the repercussions of which we felt even at Chateau d'Oex.

There was another complication, too—one leaving him open for repercussions even more unpleasant than the loss of a friend.