Repetitive [adjective]

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The pattern is repetitive, only some of the names are changed.

But I soon found that there was a curious counter-reward attending even a process as repetitive as this.

The criticism most often made of Ovid's poems from exile is that they are repetitive and therefore monotonous.

Think about such categories as syncretism, understanding, repetitive patterns in practical terms.

Observations of repetitive patterns and awareness of possible deviations blended.

It evolved into inclinations, repetitive patterns, and selections until it translated into a rule to be followed.

The institution it became dedicated itself to pursuing its own repetitive assignments.

"They gain some obscure form of emotional release or repetitive gratification," Doc explained.

Compulsions: People with neurotic compulsions engage in repetitive rituals that give them temporary relief from anxiety.

The repetitive rhythm and sustained exertion of slow long-distance running appear to tire the conscious mind.