Repetitiveness [noun]

Definition of Repetitiveness:

boredom; sameness

Opposite/Antonyms of Repetitiveness:

Sentence/Example of Repetitiveness:

That zone varies from person to person, especially considering the wide range of games available from repetitive point-and-click games to competitive e-sports.

Back strain and pulled muscles are very common due to the heavy, repetitive actions involved in the process.

As PPC pros, we can thrive by focusing more on our strategic roles and letting the machines handle the tedious and repetitive button-pushing that we once did ourselves.

The variety and excitement of discovering new places and people away from the repetitive office routine is, for some, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the job.

They can also help the forearm to rest in the appropriate position for using a keyboard and mouse to help avoid repetitive strain injury, and, especially for those who are less mobile, can be an aid when standing up and sitting down.

If your server is a subject of repetitive tasks by malicious bots, it may lead to the server to stop serving pages.

The hearings also have been repetitive, with Giuliani making the same claims about fraud no matter which state he's in.

These custom key presses can help you get stuff done much more quickly, from launching your favorite apps and menus, to manipulating files and performing repetitive tasks such as closing programs at the end of the day.