Replaceable [adjective]

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I was a replaceable plug-in unit, not an individual in my own right.

No one was expected to be a mere automaton, useful but replaceable.

No individual like another, no one replaceable, not vague soft Judd for instance or any other.

The glyoxalines are basic in character, and the imide hydrogen is replaceable by metals and alkyl groups.

Not one from his sweetheart, for that would be either recoverable or replaceable with another.

Nor was it found, as McCollum and Pitz claimed, that antiscorbutics were replaceable by laxatives in the diet.

He indignantly replied that she should thank God her life was spared, never mind her replaceable property.

It shows us that in renouncing direct suggestion we have given up nothing that is not replaceable.

Since phosphoric acid has three replaceable hydrogen atoms, three sodium phosphates are possible,—two acid salts and one normal.