Replenished [verb]

Definition of Replenished:

fill, stock

Synonyms of Replenished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Replenished:

Sentence/Example of Replenished:

The population of the city must constantly be replenished from the country.

Edwards, the butler, entered the library and replenished the fire.

When he had found it and drunk deeply he felt stronger and replenished the fire.

It was the oil which replenished the lamp when the wick had burned to the very socket!

"Wait a little," advised the guide, as he replenished the fire.

The fire was blazing cheerily, for Baptiste had replenished it when he came off duty.

The fire had not been replenished, and the darkness was creeping in.

In the little field they halted and replenished their cartridge-boxes.

They had an ice-chest on board, and Mr. Eng had replenished it at Simujan.

A few springs of tolerably good water were found, from which they replenished their empty barrels.