Replenishment [noun]

Definition of Replenishment:

equipment, provisions

Synonyms of Replenishment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Replenishment:


Sentence/Example of Replenishment:

He had good reason to provide for the replenishment of the ranks of his army.

Whether we go to nature or religion or science for replenishment, we must be filled.

According to the measure of the giving is the replenishment in vitality.

It is, however, with fish that the most has been accomplished in replenishment.

In giving ourselves forth in action, the replenishment comes.

Our most vital need was the replenishment of these sadly depleted ranks.

Apart from this, the family coffers are sadly in need of replenishment.

As I have said, the commissariat stood in great need of replenishment.

He abruptly leant forward and held his cup out for replenishment.

He laughed gently at his own joke, and held up his glass for replenishment.