Replication [noun]

Definition of Replication:


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Sentence/Example of Replication:

Replication of a common and popular American plow of the 18th century.

To this, I shall very soon give my replication, and I hope the affair will be soon ended.

Commissioner Ould, in his letter of August 1, 1863, effectually silenced this replication.

The Error message announcing corruption of data corresponds to a replication process that went astray.

This defines a functional perspective first of all, and allows us to deal with replication of these patterns.

To the Temple about my replication, and so to my brother Tom's, and there hear that my father will be in town this week.

Thus, I was a second time out of court; a second time nonsuited for want of a replication, when there was no time to file one.

He answered every article in the charge; but no replication was made by the commons either to him or the earl of Orford.

Allegation, replication, and judgment in the process against field-mice at Stelvio in 1519.