Replied [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Replied:

"I am satisfied with the pursuit of wisdom, not with the fame of it," replied the sage.

"Some portions of the evening I enjoyed exceedingly," replied Philothea.

"I have not heard the rumours whereof you speak," replied Philothea.

"If it be as you have said, Anaxagoras is indeed happier than princes," he replied.

"Such an edict was passed because Athens is not a republic," replied Philæmon.

"Alcibiades had a more eager curiosity than yourself," replied Eudora.

"I have not yet learned what right you have to inquire," replied the misguided maiden.

"Men say it is not so grand as the statue of Zeus, that we have at Olympia," replied the boy.

"Unless it should be his gracious pleasure to dispense with obedience," replied Artaphernes.

"Dearest Philothea, I scarcely know his countenance," replied the maiden.