Replies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Replies:

All these answers, were in truth no replies at all, for they did not disprove the facts.

"The Sorrows of Werter," replies my lady, as well as I could hear.

The Duc replies, "Why did you not say that some one was listening, that some one was hidden?"

My messages were soon sent, and then I sat down to wait for the replies.

"Thought I'd see you off," he replies to your expression of surprise at his early rising.

“Everything, and more than everything,” replies my lady, laconically.

The replies were unsatisfactory, commonplace, sometimes ludicrous.

He did not dare to show anger in his replies, yet he was foaming.

To which Shakib replies by going to the druggist with the prescriptions.

But there was no variation in the replies of the Cardinal, furious as he was.