Reports [noun]

Definition of Reports:

account, story

Opposite/Antonyms of Reports:

Sentence/Example of Reports:

He reports that it has done so greatly and that the Prince of Cabul is a fugitive.

The reports had come in: every anarchist had been exactly accounted for.

The reports of the rifles and cannon kept every one alert and watchful.

I know you are impatient to hear what were the reports to your disadvantage, and from whom I had them.

Now the reports of the cannon could be plainly distinguished.

His judicial opinions are contained in volumes 18, 19 and 20 of the Ohio Reports.

I succeeded in getting hold of the reports, but I couldn't hang on.

She is going to telegraph from Queenstown the full essence of the reports—of both our reports.'

Reports came in that the countryside was up in arms, moving to attack the Mercutians.

Except newspapers and reports of companies, there was in it nothing printed.