Repositories [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Repositories:

The range of repositories from which the documents have been procured is also considerable.

Boxes, drawers, or any repositories of any kind, should be scrupulously respected.

Yet the repositories of that secret, he was sure, were Lucy, Fogg and himself.

If the repositories of thought are already full, what can they receive?

The ancient worthies were the repositories of learning, and so are the modern worthies.

They are not habitations, which connote life; they are repositories, which connote desuetude.

The monasteries were not only the repositories of wealth but of books.

In the lock hang the keys of all her repositories, of her very jewel-casket.

Rights of burial and tombs while in use as repositories for the dead.

That letter (our Letter IV) or a forged copy was then found in his repositories.