Reprehensibly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Reprehensibly:

To work for more than this is to be greedy; to work for less is to be reprehensibly lazy.

But by this time the clerk's appearance was, to say the least, not reprehensibly "spruce."

"I don't think we gallivanted at all reprehensibly," he said.

As a matter of fact, Germany had been absorbing the commerce of the world, and Britain had been reprehensibly supine.

He hated women's shops; he was always afraid of seeing crinoline, or hair-curlers, or some other reprehensibly feminine article.

Most unfortunately, and reprehensibly, many of those who could have done most to prevent it failed signally to take action.

He was an excitable young man, and had a way of expressing himself sometimes in reprehensibly strong language.

Andy was engaged in a methodical, scientific, reprehensibly soul-satisfying period of swearing.

There was not a dowager present who did not know how and where he had reprehensibly spent the last months.

This time when she dined with the Stewarts she had found Milly reprehensibly pale and dispirited.