Representatives [noun]

Definition of Representatives:

person who acts in the stead of another

Synonyms of Representatives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Representatives:

Sentence/Example of Representatives:

As respects our House of Representatives, it would in principle be the same.

Other royalties were present in person or by their representatives.

Science and art and learning and religion, all have their representatives.

The representatives of the American republics are to be relied upon.

Poor Europe, and its representatives, to be used up in such a way!

A grand reception was given him in the Hall of the House of Representatives.

They are also the representatives of the Athenians as children of the soil.

They were men of all ages, and nearly every school of the Church had sent its representatives.

He listens to the representatives of ruffianism, counting them first.

He also ordered that all tobacco was to be consigned to him or his representatives.