Representing [adjective]

Definition of Representing:

purporting to depict

Synonyms of Representing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Representing:

Sentence/Example of Representing:

He would like to know what objection there was to Pennsylvanians representing Louisiana?

And outside of this little circle is all the flat top of Ytaioa representing the world.

Precision in representing this is neither desirable nor possible.

It was the nearest he could come to representing them under this theory.

A Landscape, representing a woody scene, with a vista on the right.

Others depicted the enemy, representing his detection and his capture.

In representing the glare of sunlight, Turner surpassed even Claude.

This is Government work, and I'm representing the Government.

He was in the House, representing the easternmost district of our state.

In the coach rides a witch, representing the other element, of magic and prophecy.