Repressing [verb]

Definition of Repressing:

keep back, hold in

Synonyms of Repressing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repressing:

Sentence/Example of Repressing:

She was quite unable to repress a vulgar interest in the menials that served her.

The older man could not repress a cold smile—it had had more effect than he had hoped.

At the sight of it Frank could not repress an exclamation of astonishment.

She was unable to repress a glance of admiration at me as she moved off.

Struggling to repress my tears, I said no more, but passed out, cut to the heart.

I hid my face in my handkerchief to repress my fast-flowing tears.

But he could not repress a shudder as he felt their eyes examining him.

Further, let there be a general law which will have a tendency to repress impiety.

For all her brave words her heart was breaking, and she was holding her breath to repress a sob.

He could not repress a grin, and the housekeeper noticed it.