Repression [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Repression:

He beat them down again to repression; but he never afterwards knew how he did it.

Pale, stern, composed, he stood an iron figure of repression.

Now, there again, I think our friend overdoes the repression business.

The first awakening is the time for the play of energy, not its repression.

I cannot stand the repression—suppression—whatever you like to call it.

"Repression is more rapid and more efficacious," as Maître Rouher says.

Threats of repression were answered by the formation of secret societies.

It was also subjected to repression, as each schism was, by the powers that were in place.

Laws and proclamations were continually passed for the repression of vagrants.

New laws for the repression of sedition were proposed by the Cabinet.