Repressive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Repressive:

It is repressive of freedom, and the reason is that its doctrine is after all no more than negative.

The repressive system may check unruliness, but can never influence for good.

But of government only as a directing and repressive power.'

What he wants to abolish is the repressive, not the productive state.

It is neither warm nor chill, neither moist nor dry; but it is repressive.

You hard-lined, thin-lipped, repressive, changeless woman with a wax mask on.

You will find an English Parsonage exerts a repressive influence.

Mrs. Baldwins silence was not oppressive, or repressive either.

But he does not allow her to visit much, and is most repressive to her.

But at these negative and repressive measures it will be impossible to stop.