Reprimanding [verb]

Definition of Reprimanding:

blame, scold

Synonyms of Reprimanding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reprimanding:

Sentence/Example of Reprimanding:

He might, or might not, have been pleased had he heard the reprimanding of Furneaux.

His new manner showed that his eyes had been reprimanding his tongue.

He had been reprimanded by the Presbytery, till the Presbytery were tired of reprimanding.

After reprimanding him for his cowardice, he went with him on board the ship.

She was contented with reprimanding him severely, and ordering him from her presence.

She realized that there was no use in reprimanding Katy,—the girl was simply ignorant.

Not only that, they took them aside afterwards and seemed to be reprimanding them.

They found Carter, whose watch on deck it was, reprimanding the lookout.

They seemed between the impulse of reprimanding and embracing him.

It addresses them with as much superiority and contempt as could be shown in reprimanding a proctor's clerk.