Reprise [noun]

Definition of Reprise:

summary that repeats

Synonyms of Reprise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reprise:


Sentence/Example of Reprise:

The French have two words for these two sounds—the cri and the reprise.

This is followed by the reprise of the first and second subjects.

The reprise of the dance was brief, and he had to surrender her from his embrace.

And at the very spot on the floor where any object contained in the bowl would have fallen, came a reprise of the bell note!

This is gradually appassionated until it is merged into the reprise of the first movement proper.

My heart leaped, and lifting my sword-hand to turn off his blade, I attempted a reprise.

The second boiling or digestion is technically termed the reprise.

During this reprise little glints of reminiscence of the pastoral are seen.