Reproaches [noun]

Definition of Reproaches:

strong criticism; dishonor

Synonyms of Reproaches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reproaches:

Sentence/Example of Reproaches:

Architecture also, with few exceptions, has long been our reproach.

But this only subjected me to reproach, as having a prepossession in his favour which I would not own.

The father looked at Mary with a reproach that was pathetic.

Before that grieved organ-tone of reproach, Kitty's eyes filled.

Tell me that you submit to my arguments, and do not reproach me for using such.

He decided, for his own peace of mind, that he had nothing with which to reproach himself.

But I will not reproach the dead; her punishment came all too swiftly.

Would that the conduct of England had been at this time free from reproach!

Would it be Mabel, or would Rechid Bey stride in, to reproach or insult them?

The tears were in her voice as well as her eyes, and there were reproach and disappointment also.