Reproachful [adjective]

Definition of Reproachful:

exhibiting unkind behavior or words

Synonyms of Reproachful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reproachful:

Sentence/Example of Reproachful:

He received a reproachful look from Mrs. Porter for his pains.

He could not bear to view reflected in them, the reproachful and irrevocable Past.

She attempted a reproachful glance, but exhaled happiness like a fragrance.

I thought it was our reproachful faces that he did not wish to see.

Again the reproachful look, which faded away as she met his eyes.

Then Madonna Paola spoke, and there seemed a reproachful wonder in her voice.

He did not speak, but he bent his eyes upon her in reproachful silence.

David gave her a reproachful look, and she laughed shamefacedly.

Here I met Mr. Kurtz,' he said, youthfully solemn and reproachful.

But the youthful nobleman only looked at me long with a sad and reproachful gaze.