Reprobates [noun]

Definition of Reprobates:

person who is very bad, immoral

Synonyms of Reprobates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reprobates:

Sentence/Example of Reprobates:

If they are heathens and reprobates, they have nothing to do with prayers.

Ye may put a difference betwixt you and reprobates, if ye have these marks:—1.

That's what I have to continually impress upon the reprobates who come to me.

Priscilla had indeed gathered in some of the reprobates, and sought to reach more.

We did notice some Reprobates—the ones we have always with us.

The Reprobates were at Shepheard's when we returned, enjoying Egypt thoroughly.

What a glorious thing to deliver these reprobates into the hands of justice!

Why do not some of the reprobates, in the use of natural ability, repent and get to heaven?

To the reprobates, there is certainly no grace or mercy extended.

What pious men in the parlor will vote for what reprobates at the polls!