Reproduced [adjective]

Definition of Reproduced:


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Sentence/Example of Reproduced:

The consonants were reproduced but the reader was forced to guess at the vowels.

On the way he unfolded the sheets of paper, and read in them what is reproduced in the next chapter.

They reproduced her atmosphere; therefore did Peter dream of Jan.

A fac-simile of this letter was reproduced in the columns of the Witness.

He had reproduced this radiant, throbbing effect in his picture.

In this way concerts, speeches, etc., are reproduced in the receivers.

The letter was a long and rambling one which need not be reproduced here.

Nor a sketch, either; mind that,—nothing that can be reproduced.

Rubbings taken from the sculptured slabs are reproduced here in full.

In that case the earlier experience cannot be reproduced; we have forgotten it.