Reproducing [verb]

Definition of Reproducing:

make more copies of

Synonyms of Reproducing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reproducing:





Sentence/Example of Reproducing:

The description of Ranelagh (in the chapter on Music) is too lengthy to reproduce.

All else he gave up, to see and feel them so that he might reproduce them in his art.

The photograph of the bull we reproduce was taken immediately after the adventure.

His constant aim is to reproduce his text in a pure and idiomatic Danish.

There is then nothing to do but to reproduce the text of it with absolute fidelity.

We reproduce from this quaint chap-book a picture of the ducking-stool.

We reproduce an illustration of the execution from a print of the period.

His pronunciation of English was so extravagant that I can't even attempt to reproduce it.

We can reproduce the human machine, but we can not make it move.

I cannot reproduce the atmosphere of that night, the first night after mobilisation.