Reproval [noun]

Definition of Reproval:

reprimand; harsh criticism

Opposite/Antonyms of Reproval:

Sentence/Example of Reproval:

On the contrary, he went toward the two hurriedly, with a gesture of reproval.

The humanity of the Fields would not utter a word of reproval to either of us.

It could not be said that he took offense, but he hinted at reproval.

He can drown down the voice of missionaries, and they are halting in reproval.

"Why, nothin' could be plainer than her words," said Mrs. Flagg in a tone of reproval.

Mr. Gladstone did not possess the same quiet power of reproval.

It was reproval; but tender reproval, mixed with mild amazement.

The force of the reproval cannot be properly understood unless we are acquainted with the customs of the East.

The church at —— may be of use in spreading Christianity; but it may also be a reproval to it.

"I shall tell the doctor he needn't answer that question, Betty," she said, with just a shade of reproval in her voice.