Reptilian [adjective]

Definition of Reptilian:

pertaining to reptile

Synonyms of Reptilian:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reptilian:


Sentence/Example of Reptilian:

"A reptilian sorcery," he whispered to Lockwood, and smiled.

They seemed now to have got into quite a reptilian paradise.

Among their reptilian foes are black snakes and bull snakes.

Reptilian fossils are found in both the lignite and the intervening layers of rock.

Concerning the reptilian pubis there are considerable difficulties.

And there is another sign of this earlier, reptilian, period to be found in such a wing.

From these reptilian ancestors birds and mammals have sprung.

Mariana had liked it, with the single exception of the reptilian figures.

A third reptilian trace may have been his nemesis—a bit of shed snake-skin.

Alternation of teeth in the upper and lower jaw is a reptilian feature.