Repudiated [adjective]

Definition of Repudiated:


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Sentence/Example of Repudiated:

Dir would have repudiated its ruler and joined the combination.

His mother, the great cosmopolitan city, had repudiated him.

He repudiated excessive reliance on the doctors of the church.

He called himself a minister but all church bodies have repudiated him.

"God forbid," repudiated the magistrate retiring towards the door.

He bridled up at the word "illiterate," and repudiated the vile insinuation.

Cranmer repudiated the report that he performed the ceremony.

Frederick had not only repudiated his love for her, but his baby too.

The dictatorship was fitted to be repudiated by Cincinnatus, and to be espoused by Cæsar.

The invasion by John Brown was repudiated by practically the entire North.