Repudiating [verb]

Definition of Repudiating:

reject; turn one's back on

Synonyms of Repudiating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repudiating:

Sentence/Example of Repudiating:

Philip was ashamed of his glories, but he had no heart to repudiate them.

There was something coming to him on that account which a man could not repudiate or ignore.

I ought to have said the bargain ceases the instant you repudiate it.

This was the feeling that had made it incumbent on him to repudiate a wife who had so treated him.

There are circumstances in which a good citizen is bound to repudiate all complicity.

Very likely she would be the first to repudiate half of what I have been saying.

And as I loathe and hate it, so do I cast off and repudiate the name of Englishman.

It is certain that the cottage owners cannot repudiate their ownership.

He glared at them, half inclined to return them and repudiate responsibility.

If you repudiate such a proceeding with such energy, why do you like her for it?