Repulsed [verb]

Definition of Repulsed:

push away

Synonyms of Repulsed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repulsed:

Sentence/Example of Repulsed:

He repulsed the advances of neighbors, and became what Robert called him—a miser.

But they repulsed him rudely, and treated his suggestion with contempt.

That attack had been repulsed with slaughter, and the brigade was concentrated.

Twice the English attempted to board the enemy, and twice were repulsed.

And to think that I repulsed you, that I would not accept happiness when it was yet possible!

For a moment he held her, but soon, almost brusquely, she repulsed him.

The rebels attacked a hen-roost in search of eggs, but were repulsed.

The attacks of the reserves were repulsed and the Italians held the mountain.

Their force comprised about a brigade; but the French repulsed all attacks.

Again and again they returned to the charge, only to be repulsed with severe losses.