Repulsiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Repulsiveness:

That schoolroom had, I am sure, none of the dulness and repulsiveness of other schoolrooms to us.

Others are guarded in all their avenues by their own repulsiveness.

Crowne too was a poet, as is evident from Thyestes, in spite of repulsiveness and rant.

He sat up, as if touched by a spear: there it was, in all the repulsiveness of death.

They possess a few advantages as a set-off against the repulsiveness of this picture.

All chroniclers unite as to the hideousness and repulsiveness of the practice.

A look of abhorrence accentuated the repulsiveness of his face.

All the sophistry and art of Ridman could not veil its repulsiveness.

He was a terrible brute, a big grizzly bear, ugly to repulsiveness.

A fanatic zeal illumined it, taking away half its repulsiveness.