Repurpose [verb]

Definition of Repurpose:

reuse for a new purpose

Synonyms of Repurpose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repurpose:

Sentence/Example of Repurpose:

He says it was never meant to be a protest tool—though he isn’t unhappy about how it has been repurposed.

In this case, you’d have to repurpose the content to rank for keywords with more relevant search intent.

Researchers have identified and are testing a variety of existing drugs that might be repurposed to fight the coronavirus early in infections.

Our goal here is to repurpose existing content into something fresh.

The best approach is to check if repurposed compounds will actually bind to their intended target.

Even better, you can combine branding and lead generation by gating some of this content to collect user information that can later be repurposed for email marketing, retargeting, lookalike audiences and more.

These are people who know how to handle the ingredients and will be able to repurpose the food in a difficult time like this, for many people who don’t have a safety net and who will need to eat over the next few weeks.