Reputable [adjective]

Definition of Reputable:

worthy of respect

Opposite/Antonyms of Reputable:

Sentence/Example of Reputable:

It stood at the corner of a reputable square, and was like any ordinary house on the outside.

I was indeed long since qualified as a Rabbi, and only waited for some reputable post.

He had failed as a reputable privateer, and his first attempt at piracy had failed.

But, Alfred, there are no reputable men in the whisky business.

Any reputable physician or any intellectual minister will advise that.

Perhaps some reputable vender is offended at the freedom of these remarks.

The time has been, when it was thought to be as reputable as any other employment.

It was a reputable sort of a book this, and fathered by a respected Oxford cleric.

She has been respectable; was well married to a reputable man.

What is his Hell, after all these reputable, oft-repeated Hearsays, what is it?