Reputed [adjective]

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These trees are reputed to have flourished for much more than a thousand years.

The position of the reputed slave in England was undefined and doubtful.

Our Yankee trade is reputed to be very much on the extreme of this prudence.

The woman, however, was not implicated, and her reputed lover escaped.

This gentleman was, as she told me, the nephew of Mr. Curtis, and his reputed heir.

He was a London banker, whose wealth was reputed to be enormous.

Twenty years later, a Dutchman was burnt for reputed heresy.

She was reputed to be dumb, but none could speak with certainty of the fact.

His Cupid could not be reputed blind, he never shot for him, but he was sure to wound.

This rich American has none of that reputed affectation of some western aristocrats.