Requisite [noun]

Definition of Requisite:


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Sentence/Example of Requisite:

What courage was requisite to grapple with this giant difficulty!

At length, on finding the requisite water in its bed, I encamped.

The first and only requisite is, that they be perfectly insulated.

This, said the Prince, he was prepared to do and he gave Regnier the requisite pass.

I think it is requisite, and as meritorious, in the one as in the other.

The detailed consideration of the requisite material was then proceeded with.

Provision had, therefore, to be made for the requisite means of transport.

Palissy was employed to make this survey, and prepare the requisite map.

He next tried to raise the requisite means by a public subscription.

Decision and promptitude are as requisite in self-culture as in business.