Requisites [noun]

Definition of Requisites:

necessity, want

Opposite/Antonyms of Requisites:




Sentence/Example of Requisites:

The first of all requisites for human sustenance is Bread, which with great propriety is denominated 'the staff of life.'

Without the first two requisites, however, this last is worth little.

Hicksley is also to provide all requisites for private theatricals.

The first requisites are some sheets of strong, tough paper, brown and coloured.

That finished him for he said he could see I had all the requisites for a good wife, "Industry and noise."

To attain these and other requisites, innumerable plans have been devised.

Insight into character is one of the first requisites of a historian.

Just the requisites with your mentality for doing good to poor humanity.

Starting early, we took our guns and the requisites for a pic-nic.

It is said to be an excellent road, and well supplied with the requisites for encamping.