Requisition [noun]

Definition of Requisition:

demand; application for need

Synonyms of Requisition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Requisition:


Sentence/Example of Requisition:

Then the whip was brought into requisition, and it was laid on with no light hand.

He became thoughtful again, and the toothpick was in requisition.

Hold Kerr, he requested the police; requisition would be made for him.

Captain, I'd like to put in a requisition for ten tons of fuel.

The midwife sent me a requisition yesterday by her counsel, Vauversin.

It contained nothing but a requisition for twenty head of cattle.

Edgar's services as an interpreter were again called into requisition.

In this emergency Rabbi Winenki's eloquence was brought into requisition.

They had to send south for a requisition from the Governor of Georgia.

But the court was satisfied with the evidence, and the governor complied with the requisition.