Requite [verb]

Definition of Requite:

compensate, give in return

Synonyms of Requite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Requite:

Sentence/Example of Requite:

Have you grown sleek and fat and smug in my service that you should requite me thus?

Well then, do they requite your gifts of gold with gratitude?

If they kill us, how can we requite them for our obligations?

There's many a coinage costlier than ever the mint fashioned; he may requite me thus.

He had aroused her passion and no amount of long-distance love could requite it.

It shall go hard but I will requite her kindness one time or other.

In return, I did what I could to requite her, and my good will was not overlooked.

Too great eagerness to requite an obligation is a kind of ingratitude.

Isabel had loved her then; and now, how was she about to requite her?

I was praying for the happiness of your future years—praying that I might requite your love.