Reread [verb]

Definition of Reread:

read again

Synonyms of Reread:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reread:


Sentence/Example of Reread:

Yet, in spite of himself, from time to time, he liked to reread it.

He read it and reread it over and over again––forward and backward, too.

I reread the letter, and handed it to her, that she might read it herself.

He read it and reread it; he seemed to devour it line by line, word by word.

He read and reread it, each time finding a new meaning in its wording.

Then he started to reread it, stopped, and suddenly crumpled it up in his big fist.

We had not many books, but what we had I read and reread with great assiduity.

Graves are decorated, and the inscriptions on tombs read and reread.

After a while he took up a letter the last mail had brought from Deane and reread it.

He read it, and did not understand it; he reread it, and ended by understanding it.