Res [verb]

Definition of Res:


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Sentence/Example of Res:

Soldiers will not submit themselves to re-trial on re-trial of a res judicata.

I did n't like to own that the res angusto had anything to say to it.

That I can use it as part of the res gesta, I have no doubt.

All but this, that the "res angusta" did occasionally remind him that he was mortal.

Ovid does not use this sense of res elsewhere in his poetry.

Lookin' back now I reckin' I married him jes' to res' myself.

But let them not steal that from any life that makes all the res' of it beautiful with dreams of it.

"There's an old yarn about a buried gold-mine some'res in these waters," he drawled.

In the case of a res ruinosa there is no presumption of fault.

According to Grotius, all things originally were res nullius.